We all have tried to save money by doing things ourselves instead of paying a professional to do it for us. In some instances this may actually work however when it comes to getting your documents Apostilled we highly recommend leaving it to the pros. Let’s face it; most individuals have never heard of the term Apostille let alone know the correct procedure to obtain one. There are certain necessary steps that need to be taken and if any are missed your request for an Apostille will delayed or denied. Hiring a professional Apostille service can make the difference in whether you request is accepted or rejected. Most are familiar with the ins and outs of how the Apostille process works similar to a mechanic knowing the ins and outs of how an automobile works.

A few days ago we received a call…

…for a price quote to have a document Apostilled that needed to be submitted to Israel.  We quoted her a fair price and she said that she would think about it and get back to us if she decided to go “that route”. Needless to say we never heard back from her. Yesterday she called us back with more of a sense of urgency and requested that we Apostille her document with Rush Service (24-48 hours) which is more costly than the price of Standard Service (3-5 days) that I originally quoted. I asked her what was the reason for her sense of urgency and it turns out that she was now pressed for time because she tried to do it herself and got rejected because she missed a critical step in the Apostille Process. She took off an entire day of work and wasted precious time trying to do it herself.

We arranged to meet her at her job…

…to pick up the document. When we got there she was complaining that she was behind on her work load and now had to make up for lost time as a result of taking that time off from work to try to get her document Apsotilled. She wasn’t even sure what time she would be able to leave her job because she was so backed up with work. At this point she was willing to pay us even more than we originally quoted to get it done for her in a hurry. The authorities in Israel that requested the Apostille were not happy with the delay and were pressuring her to get it processed and shipped to them as soon as possible.

A lot of time, energy, and money could have been saved…

…if this client would have hired us from the very beginning instead of trying to do it herself.  Unfortunately we have seen this scenario played out MANY times. We have also personally witnessed countless individuals get their request for an Apostille rejected/denied at the State Department for not following the proper procedure. Don’t let this happen to you.

More Information:

www.HagueApostille.us supplies high quality document Apostille, Legalization, and Translation services for all types of documents that need to be used internationally, from Power of Attorneys and Birth Certificates to Corporate documentation and Wills. We pick up, notarize, Apostille, and drop off your documents. Same day (8 hour processing), Rush (24-48 hour processing), and Standard (3-5 business days) service options are available to meet your needs. We do it all. Thousands of individuals, law firms, celebrities and leading corporations turn to www.HagueApostille.us for professional and reliable Apostille services. Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did!














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